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Shower Cleaner Trigger Spray - Winni's

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Winni’s Shower Cleaner has been formulated to keep your shower clean much longer, in a natural and easy way. Apply after taking a shower to prevent soap, scale and mould build-up; the product naturally sticks to the walls and facilitates the rapid evaporation of water so that no spots or stains are formed.

Also available soon is payment in ECS Token, BTC and ETH.

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Winni’s shower cleaner leaves a pleasant and fresh fragrance. Since this cleaner is used on surfaces that often come into contact with the skin, its eco-dermo-compatibility and hypoallergenicity are fundamentally important. With its natural and organic raw materials, this product has been tested for nickel, cobalt and chromium (detectable threshold < 0.2 PPM), is Vegan Ok certified, and meets SkinEco requirements.

Available in 500ml and 750ml formats, in our unmistakeable patented bottle with the Winni’s leaf.

Also available soon is payment in ECS Token, BTC and ETH.

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Weight 1.50 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 6 cm


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