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Dishwasher Tabs - Winni's

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No matter how good a dishwasher is, it cannot do everything by itself. Without an excellent cleaning product, dishes and cutlery do not get thoroughly cleaned. When Winni’s dishwasher tabs dissolve during the wash cycle, they do the ‘dirty work’, adhering to food residues and grease and removing them from the dishware. With energy consumption and environmental impact becoming ever more important, low-temperature dishwasher cycles are often used, so choosing the right product is an increasingly crucial factor.

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Thanks to a formula rich in plant-based raw materials, Winni’s tabs leave dishware shiny and without spots or streaks. The active oxygen and enzymes without colourants efficiently remove stubborn grease and dirt, guaranteeing perfectly clean and hygienic plates and kitchenware. These tabs are effective even at low temperatures, and for short cycles too. Individually packed in water-soluble wrapping and ready to use. The surfactants in Winni’s Dishwasher Tabs (25 tabs) are plant-based, and quickly biodegrade,  transformed into natural substances by the microorganisms present in water.

Winni’s Dishwasher Tabs come in packs of 25 and 15 tablets.

This product has been tested for nickel, cobalt and chromium (detectable threshold < 0.2 PPM), and is Vegan Ok certified.

Also available soon is payment in ECS Token, BTC and ETH.

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Weight 1.50 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 6 cm


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