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Dishwasher Salt - Winni's

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Each dishwasher is equipped with a softening device that reduces the hardness of the water, preventing the formation of limescale and the deposit of mineral salts. Winni’s Dishwasher Salt has a special grain size that allows for longer life and a more regular and consistent action over time.

Also available soon is payment in ECS Token, BTC and ETH.

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The softener must be constantly regenerated by adding pure salt. Winni’s pure sea salt is specific for the regeneration of ion exchange resins used by dishwashers to counteract the deposit of mineral salts on the dishes.

Available in 1 kg format.

The product is tested on Nickel, Cobalt and Chromium (detectable threshold <0.01 PPM) and is certified Vegan Ok.

Fill the appropriate tray with Winni’s Pure Sea Salt following the manufacturer’s instructions. Before each wash, make sure the tray is full. Store the product in a dry place.

Also available soon is payment in ECS Token, BTC and ETH.

Additional information

Weight 1.50 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 6 cm


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