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Apple Watch Series 6

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The level of oxygen in your blood is a basic indicator of your overall well-being. It helps you understand how much oxygen your body is getting and whether it’s absorbing it as it should. Apple Watch Series 6 has a sensor and app that allow you to check your blood oxygen levels as often as you like, as well as periodic measurements in the background, day and night.

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Revolutionary sensor. Valuable information. The O₂ Levels Sensor consists of four groups of LEDs and four photodiodes. It’s integrated into the completely redesigned back crystal, and works in conjunction with the O₂ Levels app to determine the amount of oxygen in your blood.

Deeply illuminating. Green, red and infrared LEDs project their light onto the blood vessels in your wrist, while photodiodes measure the amount of reflected light. Advanced algorithms then calculate the color of your blood, which indicates the amount of oxygen in it.

With the ECG app, the Apple Watch Series 6 can generate a single-lead electrocardiogram.2 It can then provide vital data to physicians and give more peace of mind to users-an exceptional achievement for a wearable device.

Ask your finger how your heart is doing. Using the ECG app, electrodes in the Digital Crown and back crystal detect electrical impulses from the heart. Simply hold your finger over the Digital Crown and it generates an electrocardiogram in just 30 seconds. The ECG app tells you if there are signs of atrial fibrillation (a severe form of heart rhythm disturbance) or if your heart is beating in a steady, normal sinus rhythm.3.

Also available soon is payment in ECS Token, BTC and ETH.

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Dimensions 20 × 8 × 6 cm

1 review for Apple Watch Series 6

  1. Raphael

    excellent purchase! fast delivery and package in excellent condition… then it’s an Apple, nothing else to add

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